Hosted by  John R. McMillan

Episode Show Notes

Published February 3rd, 2020


If you swing flies for steelhead, this topic has undoubtedly come up around the campfire or the local watering hole: Do you set the hook when a fish takes on the swing? Or not? There are a lot of opinions on either side, with very little in the middle. The issue of whether to hold a loop, or not, can be similarly divisive.

In this episode, Nick Chambers joins Fish Biologist and host John McMillan to take a deep dive into what seem like very simple issues. Nick is a fishery biologist who has worked across much of the Pacific Northwest and is an avid steelheader who has fished from Northern California to Alaska and most places in between.

Tune in to hear these two die-hard steelheaders discuss their experiences. It will make you realize there is no easy answer to when or how you set the hook, and that in fact, the answers vary depending on the conditions and fish you are pursuing. Lastly, holding a loop is gospel to some and heresy to others, John and Nick don’t agree and offer their reasons why.

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