Season 1, Episode 25

#025 - Dr. Jack Williams — Old School Fish Knowledge

Episode Show Notes

Published September 23rd, 2020


This week I interview Dr. Jack Williams, former Science Director for Trout Unlimited and a long-time scientist for United States Forest Service.  Dr. Jack has been mentor, colleague and friend, and we have a wide ranging discussion on his beginnings as an angler, his roots as a fishery scientist (which wasn’t with salmon!), and how he came to focus on salmonids.  We also discuss his seminal paper “Salmon at the crossroads”, which was published in 1991 and further stirred my desire to become an advocate for depleted stocks of salmon, steelhead, and trout.

Tune into this week’s interview if you are interested in the history of salmon conservation in the Pacific Northwest and how Dr. Jack, and others, worked collaboratively to construct and implement the Northwest Forest Plan, which resulted in dramatic changes to how the USFS managed their forest lands.  Plus, we chat a bit about the future of salmonids and what conservation efforts Jack thinks are imperative to ensuring their sustainability.

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